Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Philippines 2013, the Country's Biggest Green Exhibition and Conference, this August!

Green Philippines 2013 is the third Philippine International Total Green Movement Exhibition and Conference--the biggest annual event of its kind in the country.

Happening on August 15-17, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, the event will gather representatives from all sectors in Philippine society to discuss how we can better respond to climate change.

More than 120 companies joining this year's event will present their latest eco-friendly products an services from manufacturing and building construction to renewable energy.

Throughout the event, visitors can look at pavilions that showcase the latest in green transportation (hybrid cars, electric bikes, and electric motorcycles), solar technologies (rooftops and grid solutions), and water technologies (plumbing and water sanitation.).

There will also be a special Green Choice Pavilion featuring companies awarded with a seal of approval from Green Choice Philippines. Other things to visit include the Festival of Decors, Eco-Tourism Pavilion, and Eco-Laboratories Pavilion.

In addition to the pavilions, there will be an environmental summit held on each day of the event:

  • August 15 (Thursday) - The First ECOCONST Summit, will be all about the construction industry. It will focus on real world green design solutions and building strategies.
  • August 16 (Friday) - The Philippine Solar Summit will discuss how the Philippines can benefit from and adapt the use of solar power. 

  • August 17 (Saturday) - The Water Technology Technical Symposium and Greenovation Forum. The first focuses on how business can adapt more environment friendly plumbing and sanitation systems, while the second will present the latest in green technologies.

For more information, call the organizer at telephone number (02) 750-8588 or e-mail or


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