Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WWF Philippines, AppLabs Digital Studios Launch EnviroPop App

Word Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. recently launched a new smartphone app.

EnviroPop is a puzzle game similar to Bubble Pop that allows players to rescue endangered sea creatures from a variety of sea hazards common in the Philippines. These include dynamite, see trawls, cyanide, plastic bottles, oil barrels, and more!

Play to save the following sea denizens: the butanding (whale shark), leopard coral grouper, dugong (sea cow), dolphin, pawikan (sea turtle), and clown fish. The game also features Chi-Chi the Panda, official mascot and logo inspiration of the WWF.

Aside from being addictively fun, EnviroPop will teach gamers, especially the young ones, about the plight of our seas, the creatures that live there, and what they can do to save them. Lots of information can be found in the game's Enviropedia.

An iOS version is already available, while the Androd version is in the works. You can play the lite version for free or pay only $0.99 for the full version. All earnings will go towards WWF Philippines' marine conservation programs worldwide.

You can download the game from the Apple App Store, and soon on Google Play.

For more information, visit the EnviroPop website.


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