Sunday, February 10, 2013

Envirosax: the Favorite Eco Bag of Celebrity Moms

Envirosax was among the eco-friendly products I featured on my Zalora Philippines blog post last week.  However, the once sentence description I gave about the brand doesn't nearly do justice to its rich history, influence, and impact on our world today.

Envirosax ads

The Australian eco fashion brand was founded by Belinda and Mark David-Tooze in 2001. Proving that they walk the talk when it comes to environmentalism, the husband and wife live with their three children in a home powered by photovoltaic cells.

Envirosax for kids

Their hot water is provided by solar power. To read more about their sustainable lifestyle, visit their About Us page.

Jessica Alba with her Envirosax bag

The Envirosax team creates reusable tote bags with reinforced seams, which they promote as a viable alternative to regular plastic shopping bags. They manufacture their bags using mostly recycled materials and under ecologically sustainable processes.

 Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake with their Envirosax Bags

Unlike other so-called eco-bags, Envirosax bags are high quality. They can hold up to 44 pounds of groceries (and other things) and are fully washable. This means their beautiful and vibrant designs won't fade over time. These are bags you can depend on and won't be ashamed to bring around in public.

Naomi Watts with her Sesame Street Envirosax Bag

More than just helping the environment with their products, the team also donates a portion of its profits to two charities: the Australian Maritime Conservation Society and the Surfrider Foundation, both advocating the protection of the world's oceans.

Sarah Jessica-Parker with her Envirosax Bag
Buyers can choose among the different series of Envirosax bags: Graphic, Slingsax, Minisax, Organic, Kids, Exlusives, Green Grocer, and more. They even sell DIY sets, aqua bottles, and shower timers (so you don't waste water while taking a shower!)

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck use Envirosax

Numerous high profile personalities have been spotted using these bags and now the brand is available in the Philippines too. For more information, please visit the Envirosax website.

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