Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Six environmental projects make it to Project Pagsulong's top 10

Project Pagsulong is a youth challenge to help alleviate poverty. The competition invites Filipinos 18 to 30 years old to form teams of three to five. Groups are tasked to think of business solutions that can realistically reduce poverty in the Philippines.

The winning group will receive P1 million as seed money to develop their business as well as coaching and mentoring to help them succeed.

Project Pagsulong is now down to its top 10 entries, many of which are ideas for environmental poverty-alleviating initiatives. Judges will determine the overall contest winner, but a special award will also be given to the group that receives the most votes.

The environment related contest finalists are as follows:

1. The Golden Cast

The Golden Cast, by Leyte's Agri-EntrePINOYS seeks to use the vermicomposting method of producing fertilizer to improve the produce yield of local farmers and provide an alternative source of livelihood for the locals. Using this natural method of making fertilizer reduces the damage caused by artificial fertilizers on human, animal, and plant life.

2. Vermicompost

Another vermicomposting project, aptly called Vermicompost, is based in Benguet. As with the previous project, this one seeks to be a livelihood program, while at the same time lessening soil depletion, air pollution, and agricultural waste. 

Vermicomposting involves using earthworms to decompose organic wastes and transform these into organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are then used for organic farming.

3. Byaheng Bayani

Byaheng Bayani Tours and Travel is a project that aims to provide tour and activity packages that are environmentally friendly and socially conscious. It involves getting people immersed with helping organizations like Gawad Kalinga, Save Ifugao Terraces, and Habitat for Humanity. And also--bike riding!

4. Bahay Kubo Organics

Meanwhile, Bahay Kubo Organics is an initiative to promote urban aquaponic farming as an economical solution for environmental degradation in the county's urban centers. Aquaponics is a farming system that allows one to grow plants without any soil, which is perfect in cities where open garden space is a luxury and soil continues losing is nutrients.

5. Kabaong Para sa Kalikasan

Team KKK's project is Kabaong Para Sa Kalikasan, which is basically manufacturing caskets with outdated phone books as the primary material. Coco fiber, chicken wire, and scrap fabrics, serve as secondary materials. When put together, these upcycled "trash" are transformed into sturdy beautiful caskets that are significantly cheaper yet remain indistinguishable from the regular wooden casket.

6. Power Mussels

And last but not the least, Power Mussels, is an initiative to transform tahong or mussel shells into a stronger and lighter version of the hollow block. Through a process called 'green construction' these discarded materials are upcycled into 'power mussels,' will also allow farmers to earn money from red tide mussels, that are no longer fit for human consumption.

For more information, and to vote for your favorites, please visit the Project Pagsulong official website.

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