Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kellan Lutz, Olga Kurylenko Wear Eco-Friendly Ensembles to 2014 Oscars

Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) graced the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet with ensembles both fashionable and eco-friendly. They attended the 86th Academy Awards proudly wearing attires sponsored by Red Carpet Green Dress, an international dress design contest with a sustainable twist pioneered by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of Avatar director James Cameron.

Olga Kurylenko (right) and Kellan Lutz sport sustainable fashion pieces to the 2014 Oscars

[Photo by by Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S]

Now on its fifth year, the design competition is held in search of the best tuxedo design and the best womenswear design, as submitted by fashion designers and design firms from around the world. Winners get the honor of having their creations produced for and worn by an actor/actress attending the Oscars. 

The 2014 winner for best tuxedo design was Jomnarn Dul from H Brothers, one of New Zealand's top menswear brands. Meanwhile, the womenswear design winner was Alice Elia, a student of ESMOD, the longest-running fashion school in Paris, France.

Olga's dress was made from 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified "peace silk," naturally dyed crimson with sappanwood and madder root extracts.

Kellan Lutz Tweets about his 2014 Oscar Outfit

[Screenshot of Lutz's Twitter Page]

Meanwhile, Lutz's suit was made of fibers derived from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. His jacket is 45 percent GOTS silk and 55 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). His pants are made from logwood-dyed hemp, and his waistcoat, from hemp and century-old Spitalfields silk dyed with marigold flowers.

Red Green Carpet Dress is making waves in the fashion industry. It's getting plenty of attention from media too--and for good reason! Even Greenpeace has expressed its support by saying how the competitions efforts provide us a "glimpse into the fashion industry’s potential to make clothing that doesn’t pollute our planet."

For more information, visit my sources:
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Philippines 2013, the Country's Biggest Green Exhibition and Conference, this August!

Green Philippines 2013 is the third Philippine International Total Green Movement Exhibition and Conference--the biggest annual event of its kind in the country.

Happening on August 15-17, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, the event will gather representatives from all sectors in Philippine society to discuss how we can better respond to climate change.

More than 120 companies joining this year's event will present their latest eco-friendly products an services from manufacturing and building construction to renewable energy.

Throughout the event, visitors can look at pavilions that showcase the latest in green transportation (hybrid cars, electric bikes, and electric motorcycles), solar technologies (rooftops and grid solutions), and water technologies (plumbing and water sanitation.).

There will also be a special Green Choice Pavilion featuring companies awarded with a seal of approval from Green Choice Philippines. Other things to visit include the Festival of Decors, Eco-Tourism Pavilion, and Eco-Laboratories Pavilion.

In addition to the pavilions, there will be an environmental summit held on each day of the event:

  • August 15 (Thursday) - The First ECOCONST Summit, will be all about the construction industry. It will focus on real world green design solutions and building strategies.
  • August 16 (Friday) - The Philippine Solar Summit will discuss how the Philippines can benefit from and adapt the use of solar power. 

  • August 17 (Saturday) - The Water Technology Technical Symposium and Greenovation Forum. The first focuses on how business can adapt more environment friendly plumbing and sanitation systems, while the second will present the latest in green technologies.

For more information, call the organizer at telephone number (02) 750-8588 or e-mail or

Monday, August 5, 2013

WWF Philippines to Start Building Tubbataha Ranger Station in 2013

WWF Philippines is spearheading a project to protect our Philippine seas. One hundred and sixty kilometers southeast of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan is the forward base of Park Rangers from the Tubbataha Management Office.

The Tubbataha Reef Ranger's Station today
(Source: 1)

The World Wide Fund for Nature wants to upgrade this facility, by building an entirely new ultramodern structure designed by WWF-Philippines Architect Consultant Dylan Melgazo and a four-man team from the Emerging Architects Studio (EASt), composed of Kim Pullante, Dean Ramos, Don Sebastian, and Marc Virtucio.

 USS Guardian stuck along Tubbataha Reef
(Photo Source: 2)

Melgazo stressed that the structure will be able to deal with fresh threats including grounding incidents like that of the USS Guardian and F/V Min Long Yu. The combined incidents have damaged more than 6,000 square meters of the Tubbataha Reef. Other threats include poacher incursions and climate change.

The upgraded station envisioned by the WWF
(Photo Source: 3)

Designed like something from a science fiction novel, the new naval station will be powered mainly by environment-friendly technologies like micro-wind turbines, rainwater collectors, and solar panels. Indoor ventilation will be provided by strategically located wind slats and a helipad will also be installed for transportation purposes.

An eight-man research facility, in addition to a library, museum, visitor center, and merchandise shop, will also be constructed in addition to the main structure. The visitor-aspect of the structure aims to spread information on the importance of protecting the Tubbataha Reef as well as provide income for structural maintenance.

The groundbreaking for this iconic structure is slated for October 2013.

While plenty of funding is still needed to build this structure, various donors have already made their pledges. The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), for instance,  already pledged P40 Million as seed money to jumpstart the construction process.

From WWF-Philippines:

The Tubbataha Reef
(Photo Source: 4)

WWF is currently raising funds for the construction of the station, estimated at around PHP50M. 100% of all funds shall be donated to TMO. Corporations and individuals can email WWF or deposit donations to BPI Account Number 1993-0531-94 or Paypal Account 4AU7PYC6BQ7TG.

A multi-awarded UNESCO World Heritage site, the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park boasts of unparalleled marine biodiversity levels. Over 360 hard coral and 600 fish species inhabit the park, which continuously seeds the Sulu Sea with life.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Makati Central Business District Implements Plastic Ban, Goes Full Force Against Violators

My office mates and I work in Makati, and it's part of our routine to buy food and drinks in Landmark or Greenbelt during lunch break. This week, we noticed something different from the norm.

 The Starbucks Paper Cup
(Source: 1)

When we go to McDonald's, Wendy's, or Starbucks, they serve iced drinks in paper cups instead of plastic ones--and they don't have plastic straws. This was in addition to the paper bags they already packed take out orders in. They also packed food in paper instead of Styrofoam containers.

 Plastic bags no longer allowed in Makati
(Source: 2)

After doing some research, I found out that the Makati Central Business District banned the use of plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam food containers last June 20, 2013. Apparently, this rule was already in the making since nine years ago. And nine years is more than enough time for establishments to prepare for the law's implementation.

 A restaurant throws away its plastic cups
(Source: 3)

The law states that individual violators will be fined P1,000 or be imprisoned for 5 to 30 days (or both). Meanwhile, establishments will be fined P5,000 and the company owner imprisoned for 30 days to a year. Moreover establishments that violate the law will have their business permits revoked.

The law also states that village halls must have marked plastic bag recovery bins at their entrances and exits. Residents must also be able to drop-off their plastic bags there.

This ordinance was created in order to prevent the indiscriminate throwing of plastic and Styrofoam, which clog up the city's drainage systems. If implemented well, the effort will prevent the city's flooding during the rainy season.

Many Against the Plastic Ban

Although this move is seen by many as something beneficial to the environment, business, and the general welfare of Makati denizens, there are others who are against the plastic ban.

 Plastic manufacturer against the plastic (usage) ban. Claims their plastics are oxo-degradable
(Source: 4)

Restaurant consumers complain that it is difficult to take out food in paper containers, especially foods with plenty of sauce. Paper bags and containers also have the tendency to get soggy and tear when wet, which happens a lot during the rainy season.

Using paper instead of plastic a necessary inconvenience?
(Source: 5)

Smaller establishments are also having difficulty acquiring quality paper packaging for use in their stores, as opposed to bigger restaurant chains like McDonald's an Starbucks, for example.

"Recyclable" plastic manufacturers insist on the environment friendliness of their plastics, while other groups insist that using paper (instead of plastic) will do more damage to our environment.

 Will using paper instead of plastic cause more deforestation?
(Source: 6)

Still, I believe that nine years of warning is way more than enough for companies both big and small, individually owned or owned by a corporation--and even for consumers--to prepare themselves for the law's implementation.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ten Ways to Recycle and Upcycle Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl records--long playing records and 45 RPM (revolutions per minute)-- are making a comeback nowadays, with young collectors buying both old and newly pressed records. But what can you do with old records that no longer work?

Here are ten ideas on how you can recycle or "upcycle"them and make:

1. Vinyl Record Clocks

 (Source: 1)

Since they're already round, it would be practical to use vinyl records as clocks. Moreover, you can even cut them in different styles and designs to suit your taste.

2. Vinyl Record Wall Art

(Source: 2)

The more artistic may want to go further than just making clocks. Why not sculpt records into beautiful wall art, like butterflies!

3. Vinyl Record Bookends  

 (Source: 3)

As someone who love reading books, I very much enjoy organizing them with bookends. You can even use them to organize CDs, DVDs, video game discs--and even your other LPs and 45s.

4. Vinyl Record Jewelry

 (Source: 4)

There are many ways to transform your old records into beautiful things to wear. You can make bracelet bands, earrings, necklaces, and other creative things you can imagine.

5. Vinyl Record Bags

(Source: 5)

That's right! You can express your love for good old analog music by wearing a bag made from upcycled records, especially the ones that shine.

6. Vinyl Record Canvases for Art

(Source: 6)

Again, for the artists out there. You can use old records as a special canvas on which to express you artistry. You can even put your own face on them, or portraits of your loved ones.

7. Vinyl Record Lampshades

(Source: 7)

You can also transform your records into very practical black lampshades. You can even design them, so they look more vibrant and beautiful.

8. Vinyl Record Bowls

 (Source: 8)

Have a taste of music soup with your very own lp record bowls! You can even use the bowls as candy trays, snack trays, and ashtrays as well. 

9. Vinyl Record Roof Shingles

(Source: 9)

This may seem like a crazy idea, but some people use discarded records as roof shingles for their homes, tree houses, and gardening sheds. If it works, then why not?

10. Vinyl Record Cardholders 

(Source: 10)

If you want to organize your calling cards in a fun and attractive way, then why not place them on a cardholder made from recycled records? You can even make a personal cardholder to keep in your pocket as well.

Bonus: Vinyl Record Pinwheels

 (Source: 11)

Time to spruce up your garden with some bright colored pinwheels made from old vinyl records. You can also have designs printed on them before you begin cutting, for more artsy decorations.

There are so many ways to upcycle your old vinyl records. For more ideas, visit this vinyl records crafts page on Pinterest.


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